Adding drawings to videos

Webster West · Oct 7, 2022 · 4 min read

Sometimes it’s nice to add your own personal touch to the videos you design with the Movidmo editor. Stock footage and imagery by themselves can get a little boring, so adding a unique creation made with your own artistic skill can be an enticing option. This can be true for both broad strokes that have a huge impact on a design as well for the finer details that give a design that polished professional look.

The Movidmo editor makes it possible to add these touches using the newly added drawing tool. To access the tool, choose the Add > Image option, and then select the Uploads tab. Under the list of upload options you will find the Draw option. Once selected, the Movidmo drawing tool will open. Select between Pencil and Eraser as the tool to use. Next, select the stroke and fill colors to use along with the size of the tool to apply to the drawing. After that, get started drawing on the canvas and when finished, click the Upload button. The resulting image will then be saved to your Uploads folder and loaded into the current Movidmo project.Check out the video below that illustrates how this works when adding a signature.

If you are looking for a more interesting application of the drawing tool, take a look at this Happy Father’s Day video ad template which is also shown below. This template attempts to add a child-like feel to the design by adding some free hand drawings to the top and bottom of the video. The drawing tool is also used to create an interesting background that emphasizes the word "Father’s" within the video ad design. Pairing these free hand drawings with reveal effects makes it appear as though they are being drawn directly within the resulting video.

As always, let us know what you think of this new feature using the Contact Us link above. We hope this feature can be used to enhance marketing videos as well as instructional videos and other types of video content.