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A Video Ad Maker

that produces highly effective video ads for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in minutes. Customize a ready-made template featuring preselected footage, copy and music. Add your contact info, upload a logo, and voilà you're ready to post.

Video Ad Templates Galore

Our ever-expanding template library contains content for almost every need or occasion. Simply plug in your own branding, messaging and other content. The experience of a video editing professional is no longer required to make a great video ad. Promote any product, service or event with a Movidmo template. Scroll down to see a listing of some our most recent video ad templates.

Video Ads from Scratch

If you don't find a template that suits your fancy, start form scratch with Movidmo's video editor to create a custom video ad for your business. Movidmo provides millions of stock images and videos from providers like Getty Images that you can use to build your own content.

Show Your Creativity

Add messaging and branding to customize a video ad for your needs. Style your content using a wide variety of fonts, colors, shapes, icons, filters and effects. Select a soundtrack from our curated music library featuring a range of genres and moods.

Best Prices for Video Ads

Professional quality video ads no longer require a big budget. Check out our flexible pricing, which features videos that start at only $5 with no monthly subscription fee. Pay as you go, or buy video credits for a deep discount. Get started designing your video ad in the Movidmo editor for free. You only pay when you render your video!
Make a video ad for free!

Not sold on video ads?

You should be. Here's the why, the where and the how.

The Why

Video advertising has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to market themselves. It's the ideal way to communicate key messages and highlight the unique features of your business. Studies have shown that promotional videos are an effective way to boost brand awareness and drive sales. In fact, one study found that 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a promotional video.

Video advertisements are also a powerful tool that can help businesses to reach their target audiences on social media. Video ads promote more engagement with customers and followers, which is an effective way to grow a business, and they are highly shareable meaning that they can reach a wide audience quickly and easily. If you're looking for a new way to reach your target audience, an eye-catching video ad for social media could be the answer.

The Where

By running attention grabbing video ads on social platforms, businesses can significantly increase their revenue and brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are some of the most popular platforms for posting promotional video ads, and these platforms allow you to take your content to customers rather than having them find you.

Social sites also allow you to define the audience for your video ad based on a variety of demographics. This key feature allows you to put your ad in front of the potential customers who are most likely to respond to it. Another nice feature of social media advertising is the advertiser's ability to track customer interactions with ad content. In the case of video ads, you can see how many people watched your video and for how long they watched it.

The How

You probably now love the idea of video ads but don't think you have the budget for it. Traditionally, creating effective video ads has been time-consuming and expensive, but now video editing has become much more accessible making it possible for even small businesses to create high-quality videos.

The best way to reduce the cost and hassle of creating video ads is to use Movidmo as your video ad maker. Simply start with Movidmo's plug and play video ad templates. These templates provide a cost-effective way to create professional-looking video ads without the need for expensive video editing software or services. Follow the steps below to create a video ad in minutes. No prior video editing experience required!

Step 1: Find the right video ad template

Movidmo provides video templates for all sorts of occasions like holiday sales and product promos and for a wide variety of business types from beauty to travel. A short listing of some of our most recent templates is shown below. If you follow the link below this listing to the Movidmo templates page, you can search this library to locate the right video template for your business needs.

As you are searching, keep in mind that some of our templates are very generic and can be customized for almost any need, so keep your eye out for any template design that inspires you as well.

Step 2: Choose the right size

Click on a template to preview it and see what size formats are available. Most Movidmo templates come in three different size formats: wide (16x9), square (1x1) and vertical (9x16). Different social media platforms have different formatting requirements. For example, YouTube has a strong preference for wide format video.

In some cases, the nature of how you intend to run your ad on a platform may impact the size you should use. With a video ad that will appear in Facebook feeds, a square format may be best because it will allow your video to take up most of the real estate on a mobile device but leave enough room for your ad copy to be visible as well. In the case of video ads that will run within Instagram stories or Facebook stories, the vertical format is probably best because it is designed for the full screen stories experience.

Step 3: Customize your video template

When you open your template in the Movidmo video editor, all template content is editable. In some cases, all you will want to do is upload your logo to replace the generic one in the template and update the template with your web site or other contact information. Pretty simple right?

In other cases, you may want to make more extensive edits. For example, you can change the entire color scheme of the template inside the editor to match your brand guidelines. You can also change things like fonts, and you may even want to upload your own images and videos to be used in the template. You can also choose to replace template media by searching the millions of stock videos and stock images that are available within Movidmo. Oh, don't forget about music! Movidmo has a library for that as well.

Step 4: Publish your video ad

When you have things the way you want them, you can turn your template project into a video by publishing it within the Movidmo editor. Movidmo has very attractive credit based pricing model for video production with the primary factor being the number of premium assets used in the video. You can create a video for as little $3.75 if you purchase credits in bulk.

It generally takes about 1.5 times the length of the video for rendering, but it may take a few minutes to render your video on Movidmo servers. In no time flat, you will have a bright shiny new mp4 video file that you can use as the basis of your ad campaign. We will even send it to your account email address if the video file is less than 20MB in size.

Step 5: Run your video ad

Once publishing is complete, it's time to get your video on social media. Movidmo allows to connect your Facebook and YouTube accounts to your Movidmo account so that you can directly share your video to these platforms with a single click. You can also download your mp4 file to your computer and then upload it to other platforms.

With your video ad uploaded, the last thing to do is to create your ad. Unfortunately, there is not enough space here to cover all of the intricacies of the different ad platforms. Some are easier to use than others. If you are looking for something simple to try, we suggest starting with a simple boosted Facebook post that can be set up in minutes.

Now sit back and bask in the warm glow of your video ad running on social media! Don't relax too long though. You will want to keep posting at regular intervals to keep your customer base engaged. Movidmo has all the video templates you need to keep your social feed interesting.

Movidmo is also great for...

creating video posts for social media, making eCards, turning photos into slideshows and much more! Use it anytime you need stunning visual content to increase engagement with customers and/or followers.