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Make a splash with video ads that command attention. Promote anything with Movidmo!
Plug and play templates
Produce video ads for Facebook in minutes. Customize a ready-made template featuring preselected footage, copy and music. Add your contact info, upload a logo, and voilà you're ready to post.
Templates galore
Our ever-expanding template library contains content for almost every need or occasion. Promote any product, service or event with a Movidmo template.
Start from scratch
Check out our stock footage library provided by Getty Images. There you will find millions of videos covering every imaginable topic. Either customize one of these videos, select a colorful backdrop or upload your own video.
Be creative
Add messaging and branding to customize a video for your needs. Style your content using a wide variety of fonts, colors, filters and effects. Select a soundtrack from our curated music library featuring a range of genres and moods.
Movidmo is also great for...
creating video posts for social media, making eCards, turning photos into slideshows and much more! Use it anytime you need stunning visual content to increase engagement with customers and/or followers.
Best prices in town
Making professional quality video ads no longer requires a big budget. Check out our flexible pricing, which features videos that start at only $5 with no monthly subscription fee. Pay as you go, or buy video credits for a deep discount.

If your marketing campaign doesn’t include Facebook ads, then you’re most likely missing out on lots of potential traffic for your business. Social media ads are one of the most popular ways to reach customers. It may be time to rethink your ad strategies and jump on the social media advertising wave, because it’s one of the best ways to engage your audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook have become a normal part of daily life for most people. Whether it’s on their smartphone, device or personal computer Facebook is a part of many people’s routine. While Facebook users are connecting with friends, getting event updates or checking out the latest meme, your Facebook advertising should be catching their attention.


Movidmo make it easy to create visually stunning Facebook ads that will draw customers in, even while they’re scrolling through funny cat videos. There are some important things to keep in mind when you’re making social media ads, but our tools can help you.

  • The average social media user may spend as little as a few seconds glancing at your ad. You need to create campaigns that will immediately be intriguing, and so much so that you’ll keep your audience watching until the end.
  • You’ll want to brand your video, so your viewers make the connection between your product or service and the Facebook video ad. Your logo placement should be strong; make sure it doesn’t get buried in the context of your message. After all, one point of social media marketing is to promote brand recognition. You’ll want to make the connection with your audience in the first three seconds.
  • From a technical point of view, you’ll want to make sure that when users have their sound off, your ads are still going to draw their attention. This makes captioning your video ad very important.
  • You’ll also need to be aware of the Facebook video ad specs, which determine how your ad is shown on various devices. Facebook allows for video ads in landscape, square and portrait formats. Landscape (or wide format) is best for video ads viewed on larger devices, and portrait (or vertical format) is best for viewers on smaller devices like mobile phones. Square format is a happy medium that we recommend for most social media video ads.
  • Finally, don’t forget to include a great call to action in your Facebook ad. This call to action should include your logo as well as appropriate contact infomration like your phone number, email, web site, etc.

If this seems like a lot of work, don’t worry, because our Facebook video ad creator makes it simple to include great content, graphics, music and your logo to get the results you need. Our online video maker includes a curated library full of great stock footage that you can use for your ad’s background. You can also produce your own video to use in your Facebook ad too. Our music library has everything you need for the full ad effect.

Once you’ve got your video and music ready to go, then we have a huge variety of graphics, fonts, colors and filters to make your messaging visually interesting. This is where you can upload your logo for that branding we mentioned. You won’t have to worry about your marketing message going unnoticed when you use our technologically advanced video tools.

We’ve created a straightforward and affordable way to create ads for social media campaigns that will show results. Contact us today if you want to increase your business and enjoy more profits.

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