5 Must-Try Video Templates for Small Business Advertising Success

Bret Sears · Jan 14, 2024 · 5 min read

What are the Best Video Ad Templates for Small Businesses?

If you are new to video marketing, then you might not be sure where to begin. In order to compete in the fast-paced world online, you need to make sure that your business has an online presence. This will include an up-to-date website, social media accounts, an email newsletter, a Google My Business profile, and of course, online advertising. In recent years, video has become one of the largest parts of the internet, with YouTube consistently ranking as one of the top three most visited websites in the world. Other sites are starting to lean more and more into video, especially social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. So, how can a small business like yours compete in the vast world of video marketing?

The answer is simple: video ad templates. We are Movidmo and this article will discuss some of the best video ad templates for small businesses.

#1 - Standing Out from the Competition

One of the best types of templates are the ones that help you to stand out from your competition. While being direct can be helpful to show people exactly what you’re offering, it can counterintuitively be beneficial to use an interesting video that draws the viewer in in order for them to learn more about what you are offering. A great example of this is our Out There video template. This template allows you to modify it with your branding and messaging and it shows eye-catching videos of space with a text-overlay. No matter what service or product you are selling, this can help show viewers that your offering is out of this world, and it is more unique than your competition.

#2 - Promoting Sales and Discounts

What’s more attractive to viewers than your products or services? Getting your products or services on sale at a discounted price! A great and simple template to use for that is our Product Drop video template. When prices drop, sales will rise, especially using a great template like this. This template shows an image of the product, the specific discount in large font, and allows you to add a link to your website, which is being highlighted by a moving box outline.

#3 - Growing Your Social Media Audience

Brand awareness is just as beneficial as one-time conversions. Once somebody is familiar with your brand and if they are signed up for your newsletter, subscribed to your channel, and/or following your social pages, they will see any new posts that you make promoting your products and services. Not only that, but they will also have the option to share your posts, add them to their story, forward your emails, and ultimately help you to spread the word. A good video ad template to use for this purpose is our Social Intro video template, which allows you to share four videos at once with your name overlaid on the images and links to your social accounts down below.

#4 - Launching a New Product

Consumers get excited about new products, but they won’t know about them unless you promote them. This could also apply to services if you have a brand new offering. In addition to promoting a newly released product or service, you can also get ahead of the game by promoting something that is upcoming. Take a look at our Coming Soon video template for this type of video advertisement. It allows you to show pictures of a yet-to-be-released product and add the date that it will be released. You can also include your logo and a link to the page on your site where they will be able to find and purchase it on the date of release. Get consumers hyped up, and in doing so drive more traffic to your website in order to make the eventual sales!

#5 - Asking, Not Telling

Telling viewers why they should hire your services or purchase your products is great, but another approach to take is asking them what their needs are. For example, instead of saying, “Hire us to get the job done right!” You can ask, “Are you struggling with this particular challenge?” These video marketing ads can feel empathetic, relatable, and even comforting to a potential customer since you are asking them what their needs are with the implication that you have the solution to their problem. If you view our Call video ad template, you’ll see that it frames an image with a question up top, your business name down below, and the word “Call” on either side. After all of the border text populates, your logo overlays on the main image. Show the people in your local community how your small business can help them, and in no time your phones will be ringing off the hook.

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With video Templates

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean that you don’t have the budget for high quality marketing videos. Movidmo offers a wide range of easy to use, user-friendly video ad templates that cover a variety of different marketing needs and make your life much easier! As a small business owner, you don’t have the budget for a professional video advertising company nor the time to spend learning the ins and outs of video editing, nor should you have to.

Use one of our Movidmo video templates to generate effective, professional video ad campaigns.

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