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Making professional quality marketing videos no longer requires a big budget or years of video editing experience. Check out our flexible pricing, which features videos that start at only $5 with no monthly subscription fee. Pay as you go or buy video credits for a deep discount.

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Easily produce marketing videos in minutes. Customize a ready-made template featuring preselected media, copy and music. Add your contact info, upload a logo, and voilà you're ready to post.

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Our ever-expanding template library contains content for almost every need or occasion. Market any product, service, or event with a Movidmo template.

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Take a deeper dive by building your own marketing content with the Movidmo video editor. Our stock libraries put millions of images and video clips at your disposal covering a wide range of topics. You can also upload your own images and videos to serve as backdrop for your marketing message.

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Add messaging and branding to customize a video for your needs. Style your content using a wide variety of fonts, shapes, icons, colors, design filters and fancy effects. Your message won't go unnoticed with Movidmo.

A guide to video marketing

All the ins and outs of marketing with video

The marketing funnel

When you hear people talk about marketing, the discussion typically involves the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is a tool used by marketers to map out the customer journey, from awareness to conversion. The funnel is divided into four main stages: awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty.

  • The awareness stage is all about attracting potential customers to your brand.
  • The consideration stage is when customers are evaluating your products or services and considering whether to make a purchase.
  • The conversion stage is when customers actually make a purchase.
  • And finally, the loyalty stage is when customers become brand advocates and promote your products or services to others.
By understanding the marketing funnel, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that attract, inform, and convert potential customers into loyal fans.

Types of marketing videos

Marketing is an important part of every company’s budget but getting a return on your investment can be tricky. Your marketing portfolio should include different ways to reach out to your customers and to engage new ones. It’s important to keep your marketing campaigns fresh and exciting, or you’ll be missing out. Videos are a hot marketing tool that will make your company stand out in each stage of the funnel. Here are a just a few of the different types of videos you can incorporate into your video marketing strategy.

  • Explainer videos help customers understand a product or service. This can be accomplished with a video tutorial that explains in a step-by-step fashion how to use a product. Another idea is to present viewers with a problem and then explain how your product solves the problem. These videos can help your audience better understand the value of what you are selling in the top of the funnel awareness and consideration stages, and they can also be used at the conversion stage to drive sales.
  • Video testimonials are a great way to communicate to help highlight the positive impact that your product or service has had on real people's lives. This type of video is an ideal way to differentiate your product form competitors in the consideration stage. One great way to build a video testimonial is to use a slideshow that offers images and/or videos of your customers along with an accompanying quote. Keep in mind one of the main goals of a video testimonial is to build customer confidence in your brand. You want to prove to your audience that you are a trusted partner for them.
  • Origin stories are an awesome way to introduce your company to new customers. For a video format, consider adding imagery and video of your company's founders that shows their background and why they started your company. It is also a nice touch to include some geographic information on the founding as it makes the origin story more personal. These marketing videos are typically used at the top of funnel stages to drive interest in your brand by defining your values and vision.
  • Content teasers can be used to get your audience to visit your web site or blog for more information about your product or service. The goal with this type of video is to get traffic to your main content channels with customers in the awareness and consideration stages. One way to accomplish this goal is to develop a video listicle where viewers see a countdown for a topic related to your business. Viewers are then encouraged to visit a link for more information in the video's call to action.
  • Product announcements are important way to alert customers when you have a significant change to your product or service lineup. Launching a new product with an attention-grabbing video on social media is almost guaranteed to lead directly to conversions. It’s a great way to stimulate the viewer’s interest and desire for your product.
  • Promotional videos or video ads are one of the primary ways to get customers attention and entice them to convert. If you are offering a limited time discount on your services, blasting out a video ad on social media will let new and existing customers know about it. These promotions are often tied to specific holidays like Black Friday or Christmas when customers are predisposed to make purchases. A short to the point video ad can easily draw in customers who are in the middle of the funnel.
  • Video posts that highlight your company's support for certain causes can be used to engage customers in the loyalty stage. As an example, if your company has a strong commitment to hiring veterans, you can highlight this in a Veterans Day video post. Also, if your company values sustainability, then an Earth Day video post will remind your customers of this commitment. These video posts are all about reminding your customers about your values and vision.

Tips for creating marketing videos

  • When you create marketing videos, you have a better chance of connecting with your target market. The videos should be produced with your demographic audience in mind and leave them with a message that will make them think about your product. It is extremely important to define your ideal customer early on in your marketing efforts so that you can produce content that will appeal to this group.
  • Establishing clear measurable goals is a vital part of any marketing plan. For efforts targeting the conversion phase, sales are an easy way to measure success, but in other stages you must rely on other metrics to determine your progress. With early-stage marketing videos, you will want to consider things like the average watch time of your video, the click through rate resulting in landing page views, and even your raw number of social media followers over time.
  • Your marketing videos should be powerful and be part of your overall marketing campaign. They should be branded with a common color scheme and company logo so that potential customers can easily identify your brand. Even things like fonts should be consistent across marketing materials.
  • No matter what message you’re sending, you need marketing videos that are produced with quality in mind. Nobody will want to watch a video that is unprofessional. Great video content takes some creative effort if you want a marketing video that the company can be proud of.

How Movidmo makes it easy

Movidmo provides an affordable and easy way to create marketing videos that will get your company noticed. Our online video maker is an easy way to make outstanding visuals for your website, social media pages, slide shows, presentations. and promotional events.

Start with the Movidmo template library. Our library contains video templates for all sorts of marketing goals that are perfect for social media. The professionally designed templates come in a variety of size formats so that you can easily produce high quality videos for a variety of settings. Simply select a template and customize it with your company's information and branding to meet your marketing needs using the Movidmo video editor. Scroll down to see a listing of some our most recent templates and for a link to the full library.

If you’re worried about the cost of producing great videos, then Movidmo can really help. We provide a way to make marketing videos that won’t put your budget in the red. Movidmo offer competitive pricing that will work for any size company.

Movidmo also gives you access to a large searchable media library containing millions of video clips and images that can serve as an eye-popping background for your marketing content. We also have music, shapes, icons and design filters in our library too, so you can create an original message that will grab your audience’s attention. There’s no need to worry about hiring a big production crew. Our videos are plug and play ready for uploading to social media, so you can broadcast your message in no time.

If you are looking for additional video marketing resources, check out our detailed description of the creative process for building video ads for social media. Also, take a look at our information on creating Facebook video ads and Instagram video ads.

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