Bringing video to the content layer

Webster West · Oct 9, 2022 · 5 min read

Most online video editors only allow video content to be placed in the background of the content that is being created. Movidmo fell into that category until recently when video was added to the list of objects that can be added to the content layer of the Movidmo editor. This is a huge step forward as it allows video content to be used in a number of interesting ways that can really spruce up your marketing videos, educational videos and other types of visual content. See below for more details on this powerful new feature.

One big advantage is that objects in the content layer can be displayed with entry and exit effects. These effects help draw the viewer’s eye and stop the scroll on social media videos. Since a video is basically a sequence of images, we decided to add the full repertoire of entry and exit effects associated with images to videos as well. As a simple example, check out the screen recording below that shows just how easy it is to add a video of a kitten drinking water from a glass with a cool spiral entry effect within the Movidmo editor.

The Movidmo editor also allows video content to be cropped to fit into a variety of interesting shapes from rectangles and circles to polygons and stars. After selecting a video to use on a project, simply click the crop button beneath the video and select the shape to use for the crop. Then position the crop region over the video where you would like to capture the underlying content. Don’t forget to use the time slider to see how the cropped content changes within the region at different points in the video. For an excellent example of using cropping with video content check out the Starcation video ad template that is shown below.

Another big advantage of having video in the content layer is that more than one video can be displayed at a time. This allows for things like video collages to be created with the Movidmo editor. When displaying multiple items at one time, videos can now be used in places where images have been required in the past. This is a big boost for marketing videos where more than one product is to be displayed at the same time. For a great example of content created with Movidmo that uses multiple videos, check out the Out There video ad template shown below. The videos in the opening sequence of this ad are displayed with flip effects.

We can't wait to see all of the interesting content created with this new video capability. Feel free to send us your examples or your ideas for improving this feature using the Contact Us link at the top of the page.