Marketers, Here’s 3 Months’ Worth of Content Ideas for the Beginning of 2023

Bret Sears · Jan 2, 2023 · 5 min read

Make a 3 Month Marketing Plan for the Start of 2023 with these Content Ideas

Every year on the eve of January 1st, people make New Year’s Resolutions. They set personal goals for themselves for the New Year to try to start the year optimistically with motivation and drive. Perhaps you yourself made a resolution this year and are just a few weeks in. Are you still feeling motivated, or is some of that motivation already wearing off? A lot of people lose their New Year’s Resolution drive after just a few weeks.

As a marketer, you have likely set professional goals for yourself this year, whether in the form of a resolution or just quarter-to-quarter expectations of yourself. One of the best ways to defeat the feeling of burnout and to avoid giving up on your goals is by planning ahead. Fortunately, unlike many resolutions such as weight loss where you have to actively work every single day for months to see the results you want, with marketing you can plan ahead and schedule content out weeks or even months in advance. Here at Movidmo we specialize in video marketing and both we and our customers know firsthand how demanding marketing strategies can be. Today we would like to share three months of content ideas with you to help you plan ahead and start 2023 successfully.

January Marketing Content Ideas

With January underway, we are past New Year’s Day and the start of 2023 – so let’s look ahead. While it is absolutely still helpful to share content regarding this year and making it a success, it is too late to share content regarding the start of the year. Coming up soon is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, also shortened to MLK Day.

A few MLK Day content ideas:

  • Reference his famous speech by talking about dreaming big this year
  • Use video or audio clips of his speeches and lectures
  • Use quotes of his paired with powerful images of hopes and dreams
  • Make a donation to a relevant non-profit or encourage others to do so

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a tremendous impact on the American people and the Civil Rights Movement, so content that honors such an impactful historical figure is always a good idea.

February Marketing Content Ideas

While the most marketable holiday in February is Valentine’s Day, the month as a whole is also celebrated as Black History Month. These two celebrations should be the key focal point of marketing content for the month of February.

Black History Month content ideas:

  • Promote black-owned businesses in your area or that you are associated with
  • If a black business-owner yourself, share your experience and story of success
  • Video interviews with black business-owners or figures in your industry
  • Sharing information about events that in your area that celebrate black culture
  • Use the meaning of the month as an opportunity to express your values

Since the entire month of February is Black History Month, this content can be spread throughout the month. With Valentine’s Day falling on February 14th each year, you will want to focus on this content in the first half of the month to build up to the holiday.

Valentine’s Day content ideas:

  • Video gift ideas or video interviews about the meaning of love
  • Post about any discounts or promotions that you have for the holiday
  • Create or share another creator’s blog or vlog of DIY gift ideas
  • Write a post about how love can be shown in different ways, relating back to your business

February also contains both Groundhog Day as well as the Chinese New Year. You can definitely market these holidays in unique ways if you think it is relevant to your business. Since these are less commonly marketed, we’ll just give you one idea for each holiday.

A content idea for Groundhog Day is to make posts related to the result of the day, such as, "Since there will be four more weeks of winter, you might want this product to keep you warm" or, "It looks like spring will come early! Get your tickets for this outdoor event early." You can also create a video ad relating to these results.

A content idea for the Chinese New Year is to create a post, blog, or video about the history of the Chinese or Lunar New Year to educate people and spread awareness of the celebration.

March Marketing Content Ideas

Just like February, March has one holiday that dominates marketing, St. Patrick’s Day, but the month as a whole is also a celebration since it is Women’s History Month. Very similarly to February, you can market Women’s History Month throughout the month, with posts at the beginning and end of the month, and maybe something in between. However, since St. Patrick’s Day falls in the middle of the month, you will want to market that in the first half of the month.

Here are some Women’s History Month content ideas:

  • Post about women-owned businesses in your area, or just ones that you support
  • Do video interviews with women business owners and have them share their story
  • If a women-owned business yourself, share your experience and story of success
  • March 8th is International Women’s Day, so share empowering quotes from female historical figures on that day in celebration

Here are content ideas for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Plan a social media giveaway capitalizing on the content of "luck" as in a "lucky winner"
  • Create green, colorful posts offering discounts or sharing limited-time promotions
  • Make a blog or vlog about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and why it is celebrated
  • Make a lighthearted or humorous video ad since this holiday is often celebrated with alcohol

Early on in April is the celebration of Easter, which is where we will pick up in the next blog. Be sure to share this article if you found it helpful so that other marketers can start 2023 off strong and get ahead this year. We will share another three months’ worth of content ideas in early April to help you get through Q2 and get ahead before the busy summer months.

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