Where Should You Post Your Marketing Videos?

Bret Sears · Jun 30, 2023 · 5 min read

What Websites Should You Post Your Video Ads On?

Video marketing is currently one of the top forms of marketing, and when done properly is found to be very successful. If you aren’t sure how to go about creating a video marketing campaign, then be sure to check out our 5 helpful tips for optimized social media marketing videos. However, it is important to note that social media sites are not the only places on the internet to post your video ads. So, this begs the question: where should you post your marketing videos?

We are Movidmo and today we are identifying what websites you should post your video ads on.

Video Sharing Sites

Perhaps an obvious answer, but it cannot be understated how important it is to share your marketing videos on video sharing sites. YouTube is not only the top video site online, but it continuously ranks as the second most visited site in the world, only behind Google. There are more than 2 billion YouTube users, meaning that if you post on that site, you are almost guaranteed to get at least some views. YouTube has a great algorithm too that allows users to scroll through similar videos to the one they are watching, and see videos pop-up on their homepage feed related to topics of videos they have watched.

Vimeo is arguably YouTube’s biggest competitor, but with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model and only 200 million users it hardly even competes with YouTube. Still, Vimeo has its advantages. Vimeo does have a free version, but since it is primarily a platform that you have to pay to use it doesn’t run any ads. So, while you can’t run video ads on Vimeo, you can create a channel and share any video marketing content that you make.

Social Media Sites

As we have discussed in previous blogs, social media is a powerful tool for video marketing. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, and TikTok are five of the main platforms to use. All of these platforms are taking advantage of shorthand video content and most are becoming more video-centric than photo-centric. If you are unfamiliar with any of these platforms, we suggest that you click the link to that platform and go check it out for yourself. The best way to truly understand how each platform works is to create a free account and try it out.

Not only can you run paid-for video ads, but you can also upload marketing content to your channel or page on each platform, and take advantage of tags or hashtags to gain more organic traffic. Be sure to check out our ultimate guide for Instagram hashtags in 2023, which will help you better understand how to optimize your use of hashtags and get more views on your marketing videos.

Your Own Site

Putting video content on your own site is a great way to get more out of your marketing videos, while keeping people on your website for longer. Whether you incorporate the videos into the existing pages on your site where they fit, or if you create a new page just for your videos, having them on your site only increases the chance that they will be seen and might keep viewers on your site for longer and catch their attention.

Hosting videos is not easy. If you are concerned about hosting video content on your own site, we highly recommend Cloudinary for digital asset management. Cloudinary offers an easy-to-use free starter plan and a large number of features to make sure you get the most out of your video assets.

Similarly, you can share your videos on your LinkedIn page – which is technically a social media platform, but LinkedIn is more of a professional and networking platform than a social platform.

Also, you can add videos to your Google My Business or Yelp page where potential customers might look for you before actually visiting your website.

Lastly, you can include your videos in your email marketing campaigns. Even if you are just embedding the video from where you uploaded it on YouTube or Vimeo, email marketing is a powerful tool of its own and can be great exposure for your videos.

Which Site Should You Choose?

The short answer – ALL OF THEM! Take advantage of the opportunities that are out there for you. Whether you create totally different content for each platform, slight variations of the content, or upload the exact same content in multiple places, it is YOUR content. You can do with it as you please, and the more places you post it the more eyes will see it and the more chances you will have of getting organic views and maximizing your video marketing efforts.

Video Ad Templates Will Elevate Your Video Marketing Game

Now that you know where to post your videos once they’re ready, it’s time to create them. Try using one of our Movidmo video ad templates to make high quality, successful video ad campaigns.

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