New Movidmo fonts

Webster West · Aug 20, 2020 · 5 min read

Fonts Matter

Sound is off by default as people scroll through their social media feeds. For this reason, eye catching video ads require text captions to grab attention. The fonts used to display this text can add a great deal of appeal to the story you are trying to tell. At Movidmo, we recognize the importance of fonts, and that's why we have added a number of new fonts to the Movidmo editor in our latest release.

Fonts As Mood Lighting

There is no better way to set the perfect tone for your video than by choosing the right font(s). Some of our new serif fonts like Arvo, Merriweather and Playfair Display convey a classic tone while Fjalla One, Roboto and its close cousin Roboto Bold provide a clean modern feel. Fonts like Sonsie One and Sriracha have handwriting inspirations that conveys a personal touch. Other newly available fonts such as Bangers, Luckiest Guy and Shrikhand offer a bold yet whimsical vibe. Fredericka the Great, Cabin Sketch and Henny Penny take the whimsy to another level with their fairy tale appeal. Check out the video below which features all of our newly added fonts.

Mix and Match Fonts

We recommend considering more than one font for your Movidmo video projects. In many cases, you might consider bolder display fonts for shorter headline captions and cleaner fonts for larger blocks of text where readability is most important. All of our newly added fonts come from the Google Fonts library which also provides recommended font combinations. Check out the links for each font in the above paragraph to find font combinations that have been shown to work well together.

Looking for something else?

If Movidmo doesn't already provide the perfect font for your project, please scroll through the huge number of fonts available in the Google library. Use the Contact Us link in the header above to send us the names of any fonts you would like to see made available in the Movidmo editor. We are committed to helping you produce the best quality videos, and we understand the important role that fonts play in this process.