Add opacity and movement to images within the Movidmo editor

Webster West · Aug 12, 2021 · 2 min read

At Movidmo, we work hard to ensure our video editing tool gives you all the effects you need to command attention for your brand. Our most recent updates were designed to ensure just that. Now in Movidmo you can change the opacity and add Ken Burns Effect to all of your images to make your video really pop!

The first major change we made was to allow users to control the image opacity level. 1% opacity would be nearly transparent, while 99% opacity would be nearly opaque. The main use of this effect in images is to produce "soft edges" in graphics so that they blend into their background. It also adds a depth to the image by giving the eye different layers to absorb. Couple this with the Ken Burns effect and you’ve got one powerful, engaging video.

So, what is the Ken Burns Effect? The Ken Burns effect is a technique that adds movement from still images to provide a video feel. The technique has existed for decades and is sometimes referred to as "animatics." It’s more widely recognized as the Ken Burns Effect, named after Ken Burns, a video creator known for his persistent and masterful use of the technique in his documentaries. The effect pans across the image or zooms in or out. This effect can bring extra energy to each one of your videos.

Try both of these effects today to blow away your competition!