Movidmo Blob Maker

Amorphous blob shapes are hot in the design world. They are everywhere. Google even created a blob opera. Blobs elevate the design of websites, social media posts and print materials with their unique shapes that create a very custom feel.

The Movidmo Blob Maker is the ideal tool for creating design elements based on these smooth, organic blob shapes. If you are looking to create designs that are free from the standard shapes such as rectangles and circles, then this is the tool for you.

Using The Movidmo Blob Maker

Press the New Blob button above to get started. Each time you press the button, a new blob is randomly generated with a unique shape. Mine the possibilities until you find the perfect shape to meet your design needs.

Use the Color selector to select the color of the blob. Choose a color from the standard Movidmo color palette or enter a custom color by selecting the Spectrum tab under the color selector.

The Movidmo Blob Maker Difference

First and foremost, unlike most tools in this space, our blob maker by default produces animated blobs that move in very interesting ways. You can even control how fast the blob moves by modifying the Period input. The period is defined as the amount of time in seconds for the animation to complete one cycle of its movement pattern.

Lower values for the period (faster movement) create a nervous energy while higher values for the period (slower movement) create a relaxed visual with a calming vibe. Turn the animation off by toggling the Animate switch if you would prefer generating blobs as static images instead.

The Movidmo Blob Maker is also different under the hood. The standard approach in the blob maker space is to use smooth curves to connect points derived from standard shapes. Our approach uses advanced mathematical wizardry based on statistical analysis. Each time you press the New Blob button, a new set of points is generated along the perimeter of a circle. Each of these points produces a protruding "bump" that extends beyond the circle by a random amount.

The widths of the bumps and their in-and-out movement patterns also vary randomly. The core bump width can be varied using the Smoothness slider. Drag the slider to the far left, to create a noisier visual with individual small bumps. Dragging this slider to the far right, the average width of the bumps is increased so that they overlap and morph into each other, which creates a much smoother fluid shape. Adjust the slider as necessary to create a blob shape with just the right feel for your design project.

Exporting Your Blob

Once you find the perfect blob, click the Export button to see the available options for downloading it. For animated blobs, you have the option of producing an animated GIF image. For static blobs, you can produce a lossless scalable SVG image as well as a transparent PNG image. The GIF and PNG images will be sized at 1024 × 1024 pixels. For both types of blobs, you also have the Open In Movidmo option, which allows you to open the blob inside the Movidmo video editor where a full suite of design options are available to you. Within the Movidmo video editor, you can even crop images to fit inside blob shapes!

Sharing Your Blob

If you would like to share your blob with someone else to get feedback, click the Link button to copy a custom URL to your clipboard. Paste this URL into a text message or email to share it with the recipient. When the URL is opened in the browser, the exact blob that you have created will be displayed. You may even want to save the links to your favorite blobs so you can revisit them later.

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