Jumpstart your business with video marketing

Guest Blogger · Feb 14, 2020 · 2 min read
  1. Why video?

    If you’re starting a new business or just looking to revamp your current one, online marketing strategies are critical to the process. Today, consumers engage more online than ever before and marketing to them where they are (online) will tremendously increase your likelihood of success. How do you get traffic to your site? The state of the art method is video marketing. Statistics show that organic traffic increases by 157 percent with the use of videos. Here are a few tips to jumpstart your business with video marketing today.

  2. Create content your users will value

    This is 2019. If you don’t have quality content, you don’t have much of anything. Quality content is something relatable to your potential customers that demonstrates why your product or service is necessary to them. Video marketing is integrally linked to storytelling. It offers your business the opportunity to relate to your customers and offer your message visually online.  

  3. Know how to optimize on the web

    Whether you’re uploading to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, all of those sites utilize algorithms to rank posts. Some are seen more, and some less. Obviously if you’re marketing, you’ll want to maximize how often you’re seen by your potential customers. Optimize your presence on the web by identifying your keywords and including them in the video as well as the description, caption, tags, and hashtags of your videos.  

  4. Utilize social media

    The best video marketing will grab consumers and leave them wanting more. The best platform to accomplish this is social media. Posting a video clip on Instagram and linking the full video on YouTube will have your consumers engaging with you on two platforms. It also makes your content easily shareable which dramatically helps expand your reach.

  5. Know how to measure success

    We live in a day and age where videos go "viral." Yet, the number of views is not the only measure of success. You should look at engagement rate, the percentage of your video that a viewer has watched. The engagement can tell you how interesting consumers found your video and help you strategize future marketing techniques. You can also look at total plays and play rate. Measuring total plays or “play rate” isn’t as effective as engagement rate because it only identifies how many individuals started watching your video, but not how long they watched. Engagement rate provides an indication of the quality of your content and whether or not you have your content in the right spot to attract attention.   In evaluating your strategy, you should also look at social sharing metrics. The ability to share context is one reason social media is such an important platform.

    There you have it! Start using Movidmo today and you’re on your way to becoming a video marketing pro. Jumpstarting your business with video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by following these steps and continually evaluating your tactics to ensure you’re making progress.