Setting timeline properties

All objects provide the same mechanism for controlling when and how they appear.

  • Select the number of the second the object is to Enter on and Exit after.
  • Select the entry and exit effects. Options for these effects vary depending on object type.
  • Choose each effect's duration in increments of one quarter second.
  • Choose the delay before each effect begins in increments of one quarter second.

The choice of duration impacts the options for the delay. The time to completion of an effect (delay + duration) can be at most one second.

  • If the effect duration is set to 0.5s (half a second), the possible choices for delay are 0s, 0.25s and 0.5s.
  • If the maximum effect duration of 1s (a full second) is selected, only the 0s (no delay) option is available.
  • If the effect type is set to No effect, then no effect durations are available, but the four delay options of 0s, 0.25s, 0.5s and 0.75s are provided.