Shapes are key design elements within Movidmo. In addition to the design value they provide on their own, they can be used to outline the area around another element or to serve as an interesting background for other content.

To add a shape, choose Add > Shape in the project menu, and then select a shape from the available listing. The shape listing is divided into Basic Shapes, which can be filled and stoked, and Frames & Lines, which can only be stoked. The term "stroked" refers to drawing an outline of a prescribed width around the shape pattern. After selecting a shape, specify the properties listed below. To modify these properties for an existing shape, use the canvas or the inspector.

  • Click Replace to select a new shape in place of the current one.
  • Select fill (if available) and stroke colors for the shape.
  • If the selected stroke color is not empty, the width of the outline stroke in pixels may also be specified.
  • Set the timeline properties as well as position and layer if needed.

Check out the video below for help with shapes.