Icons are representative symbols that can be used to convey things or actions using limited space. They can also be used as fun design elements in your project.

To add an icon, choose Add > Icon in the project menu, and then select an icon from the searchable list of icons that are available. After selecting an icon, specify the properties listed below. To modify these properties for an existing icon, use the canvas or the inspector.

  • Click Replace to select a new icon in place of the current one.
  • Select colors for the icon and its container.
  • Choose the size.
    • By default, the size is unlocked meaning the size will change to fit the icon within its container when it is resized on the canvas.
    • Click the lock button to fix the font at the specified size and disable the automatic resizing behavior.
  • Select the alignment of the icon within its container.
  • Set the timeline properties as well as position and layer if needed.

Check out the video below for help with icons.