Design filters

A design filter is defined by one or two shapes that cover the backdrop and background layer either completely or partially. They are commonly used as backgrounds to emphasize content that lies on top of them. Design filters are placed in a specific display layer to provide this functionality.

To add a filter, choose Add > Design Filter in the project menu, and then select a style of design filter from the list of available options. After selecting a design filter, specify the properties listed below. To modify these properties for an existing design filter, use the canvas or the inspector.

  • Click Replace to select a new design filter in place of the current one.
  • Select the colors that define the design filter. Most filters are made up of two shapes where the color of each may be specified.
  • Set the timeline properties for the design filter. Design filters are built to work particularly well with Combine effects.

Check out the video below for help with design filters.