The canvas

Located in the center of the editor, the canvas displays the project content at the second selected on the timeline. Interacting with the canvas is a primary method for editing project content.

To select objects on the canvas:

  • Double-click an object to select it and edit it simultaneously.
  • Single-click an individual object to select it.
  • Ctrl-click (Cmd-click on Mac) to select multiple objects.
  • Use the tab key to sequentially select objects.
  • Use Edit > Select All from the project menu or use Ctrl-A (Cmd-A on a Mac) to select all objects on the canvas.

When a single object is selected, it is outlined in red with red and green nodes on the corners. Edit () and delete () buttons also appear above the object. To work with a single selected object:

  • Click to edit the object's properties.
  • Use the delete key or click to remove it.
  • Drag the selected object or use arrow keys to adjust its position.
  • Use the green nodes to rotate the object.
  • Use the red node to resize the object.

If multiple objects are selected, the objects are displayed with a red outline without corner nodes. To work with a multiple selected objects:

  • Drag the selected objects or use arrow keys to adjust their position.
  • Use the delete key to remove the selected objects.

Check out the video below for help with the canvas.