Images in the backdrop

When adding or replacing an image in the backdrop, the image selector provides the following options.

  • The Unplash and Pixabay tabs provide searchable access to millions of free stock photos.
  • The Uploads tab provides a list of images the user has uploaded to Movidmo. Click Upload to select a new image to be uploaded from your device.
  • Click an image to select it for the backdrop.

The settings of a newly added or existing backdrop image can be modified as described below.

  • To replace an image with a new one, click Replace to select a new image.
  • Images in the backdrop can be still or animated using zooming/panning techniques.
    • To animate an image:
      • Adjust the starting and ending clipping rectangles.
      • Specify the duration of the movement between the regions and the amount of time the animation should be still at the ending point.
    • If no animation is desired:
      • Specify the movement duration to be 0.
      • Adjust the ending region and still time only.