Videos in the backdrop

When adding or replacing a video in the backdrop, the video selector provides the following options.

  • The Getty tab provides access to millions of searchable premium stock clips from Getty Images Inc.
  • The Pixabay tab provides access to thousands of searchable free stock clips.
  • The Colors tab provides 22 solid color videos that can be used in the backdrop.
  • The Uploads tab provides a list of videos the user has uploaded to Movidmo. Click Upload to select a new video to be uploaded from your device.
  • Videos can be previewed by hovering over the video or by clicking the play button associated with each video.
  • Click a clip to select it.

The settings of a newly selected or existing backdrop video can be modified as described below.

  • To replace the video with a new one, click Replace to select a new video.
  • For stock footage and uploaded videos:
    • Adjust the edges of the time slider to select the segment of the clip to be used.
    • The starting time and the length of the segment can also be specified directly.
    • All stock clips and uploaded videos are in widescreen format. When creating square or vertical output in Movidmo, slide the cropping window to adjust the visual portion of the video to be used.
  • For solid color videos:
    • Use the right edge of the time slider to adjust the length.
    • The length may also be specified directly.

When footage is chosen for the backdrop, a low quality version is displayed in the editor. When publishing a video, the footage is enhanced to high definition, and all watermarks are removed. The number of premium stock clips selected determines the cost of the output video to be published. Click here for pricing details.

Check out the video below for help with videos in the backdrop.