Captions are snippets of text that add important messaging to the project.

To add a caption, choose Add > Text/Caption in the project menu, and then specify the properties listed below. To modify these properties for an existing caption, use the canvas or the inspector.

  • Enter the text for the caption.
  • Select the font.
  • Select colors for the text and its container.
  • Choose the font size.
    • By default, the font size is unlocked meaning the size will change to fit the text within its container when it is resized on the canvas.
    • Click the lock button to fix the font at the specified size and disable the automatic resizing behavior.
  • Specify the number of pixels for letter spacing.
    • The default is Auto meaning the standard letter spacing for the font is used.
    • If a number is provided, the space between consecutive characters will be the specified value in pixels. Negative values reduce the space between characters while positive values increase spacing. As an example, when a caption contains a URL, positive letter spacing can be used to make it more legible.
  • Specify the line height percentage.
    • The default is Auto meaning the standard line height for the font is used.
    • If a number is provided, the height of a line of text will be fixed at the specified percentage of the standard line height. Values less than 100 create a more compact sequence of lines, and values greater than 100 add more line spacing.
  • Select the alignment of the text within its container.
  • Set the timeline properties as well as position and layer if needed.

Check out the video below for help with captions.