Swapping colors in Movidmo

Webster West · Oct 27, 2022 · 5 min read

One of the keys to any good marketing campaign is consistent branding, and one of the most important aspects of branding is color consistency. Color consistency across all media allows an audience to quickly identify a brand in print and video campaigns. From a design perspective, it is also necessary to change the colors in a video template to match the featured content. For these reasons, Movidmo makes it easy to modify the color scheme used in any video template or other video project.

To see how this works, consider the Capture The Moment video ad template which is available in the Movidmo template library. The wide format of this video ad template is shown below. This format is appropriate for a Youtube video ad or TV ad. Square and vertical formats, which are appropriate for a Facebook video ad or an Instagram video ad, are also available.

This template comes prepackaged with content for a photography studio. An image featuring several people working on a photo shoot is the central piece of content. The image itself has been cropped to fit into a rounded rectangle with a white gold border used to define its perimeter. Captions are placed above and below the image with transparent backgrounds and the same white gold color used for the text. The template background is a shade of black matching the darker tones in the image with two dark gray circles displayed in the upper left and bottom right corners. The circles provide a bit of visual candy with each circle sliding in from the opposite corner at the beginning of the video.

The Capture The Moment video ad template can be easily transformed into a much more colorful video ad for a flower shop as illustrated in the screen capture video below. A new image of red roses is selected to replace the photo shoot image. The captions are then modified for messaging appropriate for a flower shop. The colors used for the captions, circles and background are replaced with new colors matching the new image content. This task is accomplished using the Tools > Swap Colors menu option in Movidmo. A list of the three original colors used in the template is provided with adjoining color selectors for choosing replacements.

There are a number of ways to choose colors with the Movidmo color selector. The selector provides a default palette consisting of 25 colors. Colors can also be selected interactively from a color spectrum, and the RGB or HEX values for a specific color can be entered directly. In this case, colors are selected from the image itself using the Media Colors option available beneath the default palette. This option produces a color palette for each media item used in the project. In this case, the only palette provided is for the photo of red roses. Brighter colors are selected from the image palette to replace the three colors from the original template. The Change Colors button is pressed to update the template with the color modifications.

The example above shows just how easy it is to change colors in the Movidmo video editor. This simple process can be followed to transform any Movidmo video template to meet the needs for any marketing video in terms of meeting branding guidelines or matching product content.