Videos can be used to customize content with product visuals, videos of people or places and more.

To add a video, choose Add > Video in the project menu. The resulting video selector provides the following options.

  • The Getty tab provides access to millions of searchable premium stock clips from Getty Images Inc.
  • The Pixabay tab provides access to thousands of searchable free stock clips.
  • The Colors tab provides 22 solid color videos that can be used in the backdrop.
  • The Uploads tab provides a list of videos the user has uploaded to Movidmo. Click Upload to select a new video to be uploaded from your device.
  • Videos can be previewed by hovering over the video or by clicking the play button associated with each video.
  • Click a clip to select it.

After selecting a video, specify the properties listed below. To modify these properties for an existing video in the content layer, use the canvas or the inspector.

  • Click Replace to select a new video in place of the current one.
  • Crop the portion of the video to be displayed.
    • The entire video is selected using a rectangle by default.
    • The corner nodes of the crop region can be used to adjust it.
    • Toggle and to lock or unlock the aspect ratio of the crop region. When the region is locked, its outline is red. When the region is unlocked, its outline is green.
    • The shape of the crop region can be changed by clicking below the video. A number of shapes including rectangle, square and circle are available. Many of these shapes by their nature have locked aspect ratios.
  • The length of the video within the project is determined by the video's timeline properties. Drag the red slider below the video to specify the portion of the clip used if the timeline length is less than the video's duration.
  • If desired, select a transparent color mask to cover the video. A color mask can help make content displayed on top of the video more legible.
  • Specify the opacity of the video. A value of 100 (the default) means the video is displayed with no transparency. A value of 0 means the video will be completely transparent.
  • Select the display size of the video.
    • The default size of Custom fits the image within 50% of the canvas dimensions. If a video has been manually resized on the canvas, its size will also be shown as Custom.
    • The Fit option fits the video within the total canvas dimensions.
    • The Fill option sizes the video so that it completely covers the canvas. This may result in part of the video being outside the display area. If this option is selected, the cropping region is locked to match canvas dimensions.
  • Set the timeline properties as well as position and layer if needed.

Check out the video below for more help.